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We are looking for a few good people. Soldiers of creative ability. Servants with a heart for transforming culture. Artists with the gumption to do the dirty work.

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In addition to performance and creative communications,
our staff team is involved in manning our home base operations.
Here is a brochure highlighting that facility. [pdf]
interested? here's the proceedure..
1. Check out our ministry
explore the links above, as well as the rest of
this website to get a taste of what Lampost is about.
Here's our homepage. Here's a info sheet about our search (pdf).

2. Download the Info Flyer
this will give you some details about the position.
The flyer is in PDF format, so requires Adobe Acrobat Reader,
free software which is intalled on most computers, or can be
downloaded here.

3. Send us your resume
Don't give us a bunch of flowery adjectives about your objectives.
Just tell us about your educational, ministry, and
work background.
Include a letter indicating why you are interested in this work.

4. We will contact you
With additional information and an application form.

Contact info:
address resumes and inquiries to:

Lampost Theatre Co.
204 W. Seerley Blvd.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613