Community is an essential aspect of Lampost.
Since our formation in 1980,
we have journeyed as a community of artists
serving and engaging the broader community
around us through fresh, creative vision.

Here you’ll find more info about Lampost,
what we’re up to, & how to connect…

Since 1980, Lampost Theatre has created theatrical performances ranging from sketch comedy to physical theatre and full-length musical productions. Their unique shows have toured from coast-to-coast to audiences of all ages. Their training projects empower individuals for creative expression and have equipped teams for performance in more than 20 countries.

Lampost values creative partnerships, augmenting the goals of various organizations with the tools of creative expression and team formation. They partner with schools and colleges as well as churches, professional groups, and mentoring organizations.

Most recently, Lampost has launched their “Oakwood Studio,” based in Holland, MI. Here they develop new material and explore innovations in creative performance and media.

For more information on creative partnerships,
training opportunities, or hosting a production,
contact us here.