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Combining light & sound, motion & meaning,
Lampost crafts a variety of media projects
to explore life, to engage meaning, and to
“illuminate the mystery.”

NEW FOR 2023: Innovative Video Curriculum for Small Groups!

    Most of 2022 was spent creating Lampost’s first major media production: an innovative curriculum for small-group encounters.
Funded in part by a grant from the Lilly Endowment through the Hope College inVocation initiative, this creative small-group study is suitable for use by Churches, Sunday schools, Adult home-groups, College teams, and anywhere that a fresh perspective and Biblically-inspired group journey is desired.

    With a creative approach to both content and participation, the series is a self-guided encounter that alleviates the need for leaders or advance preparation. Exploring our sense of calling – both as individuals and as community – interaction, discussion, and reflection are built into the content.
    We recently completed a pilot launch of THE VOCATION PROJECT to test and refine it in a real-life local church setting, and are now preparing it for broader public release.

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the VOCATION PROJECT : a media-based small-group encounter

Take your small-group, Bible study, class or even your family on a journey toward being a people of calling. This media series not only teaches through a variety of innovative styles, but facilitates the entire experience with discussion, reflection, and playful interaction.


Aware of it or not, we have been on a lifelong search for vocation – for our sense of place in the world. We begin the series with an exploration of the influences that have already shaped our personal sense of vocation for good or for ill: cultural, social, historical.


How do we define ourselves and discover our purpose? Often, meaning is understood when we uncover the bigger story surrounding it. Journey through an ancient folk tale, a delightful overview of Biblical calling done in whimsical stop-motion, and a trip to the theatre that begins in failed attempts and ends in revelation of a grander narrative.


We can’t talk about vocation without tackling the subject of work. Explore our love/hate relationship with work – sometimes a necessary evil to endure, sometimes a pathway to fulfilled potential. Go speed-dating to uncover our common threads and glimpse how culture obscures, theologians clash, and scripture treats us to a variety of perspectives on wrestling with work.


In our final installment: parables, prophets & priests, and the occasional gameshow… they all enlighten the pathway toward becoming a people of vocation. Discover and evaluate purpose in our own lives as we embrace the vocation of Jesus.

Responses from the pilot launch of The Vocation Project...

  • “I’ve been considering a job change, and this series was affirming in helping me understand both that 1) God is present in my vocation, whatever that may be and wherever I may be working; and 2) My vocation is more than just my job.”

  • “…this series was a great reminder to be more intentional about how I view my day-to-day work and interactions and to slow down to be more aware of how my story is fitting into God’s story.”

  • “As a stay-at-home mom, it’s hard to always view that as a vocation. The study has helped me realize the importance of that role.”

  • “It did a great job of packaging [vocational] ideas, recognizing the nuances, putting it into a historical and biblical context, and connecting the concepts in a coherent flow.”