Lampost Studios - Media

Combining light & sound, motion & meaning,
Lampost crafts a variety of media projects
to explore life, to engage meaning, and to
“illuminate the mystery.”

NEW FOR 2023: Video-based Curriculum for Small Groups!

    Most of 2022 was spent developing & creating Lampost’s first major media production: an innovative curriculum for small-group encounters.
Funded in part by a grant for the Lilly Endowment and the Hope College inVocation initiative, this creative small-group study is suitable for use by Churches, Sunday schools, Adult home-groups, College teams, and anywhere that a fresh perspective and Biblically-inspired group journey is desired.
    Taking a creative approach to both content and participation, the series is a self-guided encounter exploring our sense of calling: both as individuals and as community. Participation, discussion, and reflection are built into the content.
    We recently completed a pilot launch of THE VOCATION PROJECT to test its suitability in a real-life local church setting, and are now preparing it for public release.

To receive more info and notice on availability, click HERE.
In the mean time, explore a sampling from THE VOCATION PROJECT below…

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